Déli Optika

About Déli Optika

The Budapest-based Déli Optika is an optometry office with 4 expert optometrists serving the needs of clients for more than a decade. Zsolt Szilágyi, the owner of Déli Optika has been working in this industry since the 2000s and mastered the skills of manufacturing spectacles throughout his career. Now their services include consultation, eye test, manufacturing and repairing glasses, as well as manufacturing their own eco-friendly frame brand Fabala. Some of their advantages over other, bigger optometry organizations are their flexibility, fully personalized services, and friendly customer service.

Digital praxismanagement – It does matter what system you choose 

Right from the foundation of the organization, Déli Optika used handwritten forms and manually numbered worksheets to keep track of customers, orders, and inventory. After 8 years, having realized that manual practice management is standing in the way of scalability and causing issues with effectiveness, they switched to a Practice Management System. 

Their reason for this change was the intention of radically decreasing their dependency on and usage of paper while creating a completely transparent and easy-to-follow and manage digital workflow. Unfortunately, the chosen Digital Practice Management System was not able to fully meet their expectations. They faced problems with traceability and inventory management, as the used tool didn’t have sufficient capabilities to keep lens inventory and prices up to date.

This is when the staff of Déli Optika got in touch with Clearvis.io for an all-encompassing solution.

Designing a practice management system tailored to the optic

After analyzing all needs of Déli Optika, we implemented our 360° Digital Practice Management System. Thanks to the modularity of our solution, we could specifically target the areas in which they needed digital support.

Due to seamless and quick integration, they could carry on with their day-to-day operational tasks, without any disturbance in the workflow. Customers encountered a new, modernized practice management system, which makes their experience better by easing the process of appointment booking, communication, and tracing back customer history.

Based on the experience of Déli Optika’s staff, printing worksheets on thermal paper is among the biggest advantages provided by the new system. It is practical and has considerably less paper costs. Moreover, storing customer and order data in the cloud has significantly speeded up the flow of information between the optometrists and the customers, as every piece of information is easily accessible using any device, even if they are not in the office.

The direct impact of Clearvis.io on revenues

Zsolt Szilágyi, the owner of Déli Optika emphasized three practical cases in which the Digital Practice Management System of Clearvis.io contributed to the development of their business. 

Firstly, Zsolt mentioned that usually, they offer discounts to customers, though there are times when the rate of the discount is far too high. Previously, when they used handwritten worksheets, they only realized the grandiosity of the discount when the worksheet has been completed and didn’t start to write another worksheet from scratch, only to modify the discount. However, now with the new system, they instantly see the change in their bottom line when applying a discount, and can modify it before presenting it to the customer. 

Secondly, he highlighted the ease of getting in touch with customers using text messages or emails right from the system. Moreover, he couldn’t fail to mention the practicality of automated notifications, for instance about the renewal of glasses 2 years after purchase.

Clearvis.io is like it was developed by opticians

According to Déli Optika, they were pleasantly surprised by the transparency and usability of the Clearvis.io platform. “It feels as if it hasn’t been done by developers, but by optometrists.” After the implementation, they soon realized positive changes in their metrics, such as an increase in average order value.

Based on their experience, they recommend the usage of Clearvis.io’s Practice Management System because businesses need modernization to meet customer requirements, and this software is a great means to transfer workflows from an old-school way of conducting business to a more modern path. 

Furthermore, they mentioned that even though this solution doesn’t belong to the cheapest category of Practice Management Systems on the market, working with the team was easy and fun, not to mention the fact that it answers their requirements in a complex but user-friendly way. They also highlighted that the system is a great investment, as it generates several times more than the price of the subscription, while it also makes the much-loathed responsibilities of administration swift and smooth.

Finally, using the system assists them in more ways than they expected. It not only facilitates administration but shows them multiple business areas where they need further development and know-how to achieve the results they are dreaming about.



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