Mesi Optika

About Mesi Optika

Mesi Optika is an optical retail store in Békéscsaba, Hungary. They sell sunglasses, custom-made glasses, and contact lenses while providing thorough sight examination to each client to find exactly what they need and what they are looking for.

The handwritten practice management is a barrier to progress

Like many optometrists, the staff of Mesi Optika used pen and paper to keep up with the changes in their inventory. In parallel with the expansion of their business, they realized that this inventory management solution is hindering the development of their organization. At the same time, the handwritten practice management method negatively influenced the experience of their customers because the administration was taking too long, and became overly complicated. Keeping the inventory up-to-date became more and more difficult with the growing number of orders and customers. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t have any tools in their hands to remarket their already existing clients. is a solution for specific needs

The decision-makers of Mesi Optika have been thinking about trying a digital practice management system for a long time, though they haven’t found any fulfilling their specific requirements until they met with the solution of According to the representative of the optometry, learning the new system was as easy as ABC due to the user-friendliness of the platform. The colleagues could adapt to the usage of the Digital Practice Management Solution quite fast, even with basic IT knowledge. They consider the possibility of segmenting customer data to be one of the most helpful features of the implemented solution. Based on their experience, it supports their job when dealing with returning customers, as offering laser-focused deals is much easier when they are aware of the client’s history.

Create a more professional image with digital practice management

After the implementation of’s Digital Practice Management Software, it was clear to  Mesi Optika right away, that a digital tool like this is a much more elegant way of handling administration, dealing with clients, and keeping track of the inventory. They emphasized that it has not only helped them to store and manage their customer’s data in a secure way but made it possible to trace back information in a blink of an eye. Using this software they realized a remarkable increase in their productivity, which can be explained by faster workflows and decreasing office supply expenditures.’s solution helped them to make inventory management transparent and up-to-date, which consequently contributes to the improvement of the customer experience. Thanks to the easy-to-use platform, they can create elegant and branded worksheets, resulting in a more streamlined administration process.

What is more, they highlighted the filtering feature within the inventory management module that enables them to create customized reports and to track ever-important statistics, like the most or the least frequently sold items. Thanks to this option, navigating across and communicating with their wholesalers have become traceable and much easier than before.

A system 100% tailored for optometric providers

“’s solution is a comprehensive tool, 100% optimized for the necessities of optometry service providers.“

Even after implementing the system, the staff of Mesi Optika was able to get in touch with’s customer service with their questions. As a result, the chosen organization not only provided them with a fully customized modular digital practice management solution but helped them in the transitioning period with a sufficient amount of support.

They are happy to recommend this solution to other optometrists, as the system helped them to put inventory management and sales in a different light. Additionally, they believe another great advantage of the solution is its modularity and fully customizable nature, making this Digital Practice Management System an ideal choice for any business. Now Mesi Optika is enjoying the advantages of a faster sales workflow, which has a positive impact on the organization’s income.



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