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About Optométer Optika

Optométer optical retail store is located in Dunakeszi, Hungary. Andrea Cserpes, the founder of optometry, became a certified optician in 1995 and graduated as an ophthalmologist in 2000. The store provides eyesight examinations abiding by the requirements of the ZEISS process and using high-tech machinery. Apart from this, they offer consultation and contact lens examination in line with selling custom-made glasses and contact lenses.


The problems of paper records 

The founder worked as an employee for many optometry service providers before founding her own business. Throughout her career, she never used any business management software, including digital practice management solutions. All optometry offices where she worked, used handwritten worksheets and docketed them in ABC sequence or according to worksheet number or date. Some of them didn’t even use pen and paper to keep track of their inventory and orders. She realized early on, that there are two huge problems with this manual approach. The first is storing and arranging files, and the second is retrieving information.

Coming from a background like this, Andrea knew that when establishing her company, she will strive for the most modern solutions in all spheres of her business. Naturally, this includes digital practice management. In the beginning, as she planned to work on her own, she was looking for a solution that helps her increase her efficiency and optimize time management because writing worksheets manually was clearly too slow and didn’t fit into the business concept she dreamed about.


User-friendly software, fast and responsive customer support

In 2018, she learned about the ZEISS EcoSystem, which is a top-notch optometry examination solution no one used in the country at that time. The essence of this smart ecosystem is that all optometry machines are interconnected through a wi-fi network, which enables them to communicate with each other. Then, the data is collected and stored in a central system. Andrea took on this challenge when she heard about this methodology, and this is when she had to look for a digital practice management solution to complement this smart ecosystem.

Fortunately, Clearvis.io can be integrated with the ZEISS EcoSystem, as a result, the personal data of the clients, all examination results, and other specific requirements are gathered in user-friendly software, where they can be easily accessed.

Planning to lead her business on her own, she had to cope with the challenges of learning the usage of the new machines and adapting to the freshly implemented Clearvis.io software. As she never used any software like this before, the transition period proved to be quite demanding but the support team of Clearvis.io was readily available to answer all of Andrea’s questions.

There is a specific case she highlighted regarding the customer-first approach of the support team:

“I had difficulties with one of the settings of the software. I called the support if they could help me set it up for me. Their response was the following; “No, it’s better if you do it yourself, so you learn it. I’m here, I will tell you how to do it”. And this is how it was, I learned how to use the system owing to their kind approach. Thanks to their diligent and unceasing support, now I know the system by heart.”


How did the solution of Clearvis.io help in achieving their business goals?

“I am a happy and satisfied customer of Clearvis.io for more than 3 years now, which is a 100% tailor-made system due to its continuous development.” Andrea emphasized that there are so many options within the system that it feels impossible to take advantage of its full potential. “I could compare this digital practice management software to our smartphones, which surprise us from time to time when we discover a new capability. “Yay, does it know this too?”

She also highlighted the benefit of saving certain settings, which practically evades mistakes deriving from duplication or copying. 

According to her, two of the most important advantages of the tool are the simplification of administration, and creating comparing quotations within a blink of an eye, which helps customers choose the best option based on their requirements and budget. Moreover, one can create any confirmation with a push of a button, even if it’s needed in print or electronic form. 

Furthermore, she states that the note function is extremely helpful, as it is basically impossible to memorize every detail about the customer. At the same time, the clients are impressed when they only need to tell teir names, and Andrea is able to trace back every little piece of information about their customer history.

“Using the inventory management function is enjoyable because taking an inventory takes at most an hour utilizing solely the bar code scanner.”


Clearvisio.io focuses on its customers

Clearvis.io’s solution has a tremendous amount of useful functions easing the job of professional optometrists. Andrea is happy to recommend this digital practice management system owing to her positive experience and the impressive customer support she received from the team.

“I love the fact that there is a team behind the software who not only pay attention to its technical development, but to the development of us, customers as well.”



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